The Challenges of the Elections Systems of Persian Gulf Arab Countries

Document Type : Original Article


Abstract: This article intends to clarify views regarding important challenges that have originated from the political, social, cultural and geopolitical structures in the elections systems of Persian Gulf Arab countries. Challenges that determine the compatibility levels of elections systems of these countries with the world’s democratic systems. An efficient elections system is the prerequisite for the realization of democracy in political structures. Therefore satisfaction level is one of the examples of an efficient elections system. Fundamentally, it clarifies the democracy realization level in political systems. This article attempts to review the elections systems of Persian Gulf Arab countries and the latest development in these systems, answering the following question: what level of democracy do the elections systems of these countries experience? And have the elections systems fundamentally shaped in the political structures of these countries or not? This article with the aim of determining the benefit levels of elections systems in Persian Gulf Arab countries, the indexes of elections systems of the democratic world, presents, initially, a definition of democratic elections system, importance, formation of factors, elements and various systems, and then elections systems and recent developments of these systems in each of the Persian Gulf Arab countries is explained. At the end of the article while dealing with the elections systems challenges in these countries, summation and conclusions are presented.