Possibility of the effect of the Internet on 'Public Sphere' in Jurgen Habermas's Tthought?"

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In recent decades, "Public Sphere" is one of the most important concepts in political science. Jurgen Habermas the famous thinker in this approach is the first to use this concept in critical thinking, where he demonstrates how networking is used for communicative actions. Habermas has not included the Internet as an important part of his thought process in the "public sphere", however, I think, the Internet could be used as a very powerful tool for public articulation in public affairs. The aim of this article is to determine and associate Jurgen Habermas's viewpoint of "public sphere" and locate the Internet's position in his public sphere. The method of this research was the use of many critical thinker's opinions and works regarding "public sphere". The result of this research is the significant changes from his earlier thought processes to his later thought processes. The answer to the question of "What about a possibility of the effect of the Internet on 'public sphere' in Jurgen Habermas's thought?" I think it is possible, and should be a very important inclusion in the "Public sphere". My opinion is that Habermas's works could be enhanced through the inclusion of the Internet in the "public sphere".