War, Peace, and Cinema: Excerpts from the Foreign Policy of the USA with a Look at Stanley Kubrick’s Cinema

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The notion of peace, regardless of theorizations accepted in th field and since the                  Enlightenment Period, and the era known as Modernism, has, constantly, been one of the challenges of mankind, and also scientists in the field of political sciences and international relations.  Contrary to the presentation of the idea of peace and respect to the human rights in some of the foreign policy doctrines of the USA in different periods, this country has had the largest number of cases of application of army rage in its file, during the 20th century.  This article sheds a brief look on the moments of the US foreign policy during the years of war with Vietnam, in combination with anti- war cinema introduced by Stanley      Kubrick, the famous American film producer.  In his movie, “Full Metal Jacket” he criticizes the      American politicians, regarding Vietnam War.  Although he has not provided a theory of peace, he is wholeheartedly, an anti war Film producer.