The Emergence and Evolution of Political Parties of the Constitution: The First and Second Periods

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Political Science, Lamerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lamerd, Iran


The evolution of studies of political parties of constitution: The first and second periods show that the evolution of parties indicates that researchers' attitude to political pheno-mena also coincide with the evolution of political realities has been transformed, and the consideration of ideologies in the analysis of the parties have replaced with religious perspectives and anti-authoritarian and constitutionalism. Contrary to the first studies conducted about parties that had deep attention to party organizations and their ideolo-gies, over time, the methods of achieving political power and achieving constitutional constitution in the first phase of examining a brief overview of different perspectives on parties separate from that is a way to get acquainted with the most important aspects of the life of the parties illustrates the fact that in the political sciences can refer to a new knowledge called "sociology of political parties"; a knowledge, which has placed a set of coherent insights and in practice undergone significant changes. The purpose of this paper is an overview on the emergence and development of political parties of the con-stitution, focusing on the first and second periods. Instead of examining the theory of all the authors that is about political parties of the constitution, it might be better to ex-amine the evolution of views in this regard, and only to analyze the views of scholars who have specialized studies on the emergence and evolution of political parties in con-stitution specially the first and second periods.