New Science and Technology in Line with Terrorist Groups in the Middle East

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Political Sciences, Lamerd Branch, Islamic Azad University, Lamerd, Iran


Terrorism is a phenomenon that has spread to almost all parts of the world in the late 20th century and the beginning of the 21th century to the extent that many Middle East-ern countries have been subjected to such violence and unrest; in fact, with the advent of science and technology, particularly the global spread of the Internet and social net-works, the face of terrorism has been changed and in sum, not only facilitated terrorist attacks, but also introduced new lands of opportunities in the field of means and instru-ments for terrorists. Thus, the application of biological, chemical, radiological as well as cyber attacks proves that terrorist groups benefited from modernized science and ad-vanced tools root in the potentials of the globalization age. Clearly, they do so in order to improve the only process of goal attainment. The main issue of this descriptive-analytic paper concerns how new science and technology appealed in line with the de-velopment of terrorist groups actions in the Middle East? Accordingly, the hypothesis is that terrorist groups in the Middle East are constantly using modern facilities and tech-nologies in the globalization space to represent themselves and to create massive terror-ist networks. This will bring more and more propaganda for broader terrorist activities and significantly promote recruitment as well.