Effect of Globalization on National Sovereignty, Including the Role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ethnic Identity: (Turkmen Tribe in Golestan Province)

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Political Science, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The main purpose of this research is to explain the role of globalization on the relation-ship between the sovereignty of the country and the identity of the Turkmens. This re-search is a developmental and applied goal and is qualitatively based on the nature of the research. The statistical community in the qualitative section is a social sciences and political scientist. Experts were identified by purposeful sampling and snowflake sam-pling which, according to the adequacy of the data, was interviewed in total with 20 ex-perts. The analysis method was the theme analysis based on Clarke and Bron's approach (2006). The data gathered through an in-depth interviewing. The results indicate that the recognition of the existing gap in the society has been identified in the context of the effect of globalization on the capacities of the Turkmens, the criteria for the formation of the virtual ethnic communities, the collective identification of the Turkmens, the de-velopment of the inside ethnic Turkmen interaction, the recognition of the rights of the Turkmens. In the area of solutions to the emergence of national sovereignty, globaliza-tion problems including cultural and social, and political strategies, economic, and legal solutions were identified.