The Relationship between the Concepts of Agency-Structure in the Thought of Beheshti

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In the present paper, we have been trying mainly to define the concepts of agency-structure, so that by understanding the concepts of agency-structure, we sought to discover these concepts in the mindset of Beheshti. The concepts of agency-structure are among the fundamental and vital concepts associated with how governments are recognized. By identifying the extent of the powers, the rights and the function of each of these two concepts and the degree to which they can benefit in a society, one can understand the division of power and the areas of decision-making in a society and government. The main focus of this paper is the recognition and discovery of these two concepts in the thought of Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti, one of the thinkers of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The authors try to explain the connection in the core of the political system, which is referred to as "the system of the Ummah and Imamate" in the mind of Beheshti, by various reasons. From the perspective of Beheshti, in this system of community management, one must stand with each other from the Ummah and Imams. The results of this study represent the principle of interrelatedness between the two concepts, which by acting and responding, try to maintain the dynamism of the system. This descriptive-analytic study will examine the ideas of Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti.




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