China's Development (The Role of the China’s Government in the Development Process)

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The role and the place of the People's Republic of China among developing countries that become industrialized are absolutely especial. Today, this country reaches the level of ability that has the power of competition with the world's largest economies such as the U.S. The secret of this achievement should be examined in the unity of decision and absolute support of government in doing economic reforms and changing the play from a communist economy to a free economy. This research is going to search the role and the place of the government in development of China. The main question of this article is what is the role of the China’s government in development process? To answer this question, the main hypothesis is that, the government with doing economic reforms, using provisions, controlling doing them and favorability with global economy helps the achievement of the development process. The results of this research are collecting with documentary method and analysis of data has done with qualitative analytic method by using the historic concrete effects.




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