China’s Maritime Interest and the Great Game at Seas

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Linking China’s interest in the maritime waters arises from the geo-strategic importance of Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs) vital to the oil supply of the country. China is building strategic relationships and developing a naval capability to establish a forward presence along the SLOCs that connect China to the Middle East and to Africa. The entire stretch includes South China Sea, Indian Ocean region and stretches as far as the Persian Gulf on the one hand and Port of Sudan on the other.The net result is a geographical distribution of bases like the Chinese ‘pearls’, USA ‘diamonds’ and Indian ‘nuggets’, principally reflecting concerns over energy security and secure access to SLOCs by each of the players. This paper would highlight the great game along the maritime domain of China while highlighting the clash of interests with major players in this area as well as Chinese engagements with multitude of players to counter the challenges arising from competitors. How energy requirement and quest for market imbibe China to design maritime strategies will be an important focus of this paper. It is also necessary to make an in-depth study of Chinese maritime strategy as it is going to have a grave impact on world politics.  The paper will try to make future projections of the ‘Great Game’ in the maritime stretch of importance to China.




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