The Dialectics of Globalization and the Rise of Populism: Selected Issues in Perspective

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Abstract: This paper examines the dialectical nature of globalization and the rise of populism incontemporary world politics. Unequivocally, thesubject of globalization has become one of the preponderant issues in the 21st century.UsingLibrary Research Methods, the paperscrutinizes the inherent contradictions in the globalizedworld alongside the resurgence of populism in the developed world. This work contends that the new wave of protectionism and populism by the engineers and architects of globalizationrepudiates the logic of globalization and is itself contradictory.It finds that theunprecedented backlash of globalization servespopulist individuals and groups as atangible claim to justify their anti-global aspirations in appealing to the people againstestablished global agents and institutions. It concludes that, although the backlash of globalizationhas been used by ambitious populists promise a quick fix, theincreasing vulnerability of the international system cannot be resolved by clinging to national pedigrees as the ultimate solution. The problems and challenges of current globalization are problems without passport and demand solutions beyond borders through the same logic of globalization.It recommends the realization of sustainable development goals as a reasonable point ofdeparture for national, regional and international bodies.