Iraqi Shiites and Their Interaction with the Occupying Forces after the fall of Saddam

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The logical, scientific and realistic analysis of the new developments in Iraq, due to various indicators such as the power of Shiite currents, the existence of influential leaders and the presence of foreign invaders, inevitably leads us to consider only the foreign invaders' perspective, here in this article. In fact, understanding Iraq's developments after Saddam will be a significant part of the future of the land, as the occupation's role in the fall of Saddam Hussein is a facilitating factor of the new situation of Shiites in Iraq. After the invasion by coalition forces and declination of Saddam's regime, the necessary conditions for the participation of all groups in Iraq's new political structure was provided. Groups opposing the Baathist regime previously established in Britain, USA, and Iran and returned to Iraq in order to participate in Iraq's new political structure. The Shiites seeking greater influence on the process of future developments in Iraq and did not show any resistance against the occupation. This research aims to investigate the interactive policy of the Shiites of Iraq against the occupiers.




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