Comparative Study of the Concept of Justice in the Contemporary Political Philosophy of Islam and the West (With emphasis on Michael Sandel's votes)

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The idea of Communitarianism with epistemic teachings, such as politics as virtue, the priority of good faith, respect for the cultural diversity of societies, is one of the most prominent intellectual currents of the present age. The hypothesis of this research is that based on the comparative analytical attitude of key societal teachings and the epistemic principles of Islam, one can find common ground in order to achieve another understanding of the challenging issues, especially the category of justice. The purpose of this study is to develop such a discourse to understand another and to live human beings in the field of opinion and practice. This research is a descriptive-analytic method based on the hermeneutic Quinton Skinner (text authoring). Many Islamic thinkers, especially Muslim ones, with regard to the great efficiency in understanding and interpreting texts, consider hermeneutic method. Nasr Hamed Abu Zayd, Mohammad MojtahedShabestari, Fazl-Rahman, and Argon are among the Muslim thinkers who based on hermeneutical knowledge of topics such as history, interpretation and understanding of religious texts, the interpreter's mentality, religious experience, the unlimited sense of meaning, and the lack of a single reading in the texts. They ask.




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