Elitism in Gaetano Mosca’s Treatment

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Socially, the word
"elite" is broadly used to refer to a superior group of people
regarding skills or privileges and associates with other terms such as
political systems, "authorities", "minority favorite".
Elites are cautious and opportunistic people. They are in every way and situation
regarded as people's favorites. Focusing on concept of “elite” and “elitism”, the
author in this paper, attempts to study Gaetano Mosca’s elite theory and ideas
of other thinkers both advocating and opposing the idea. Exploring the impact
of this theory on political science realm and comparing it to other theories in
the same area and fairly criticizing them, the author comes to the conclusion
that “elitism” generally believes every society and/or organization ends up in
oligarchy. That is, a powerful elite minority will eventually take over and
also the emersion of a ruling class is an exclusive attribute of every
political organization and society.


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