Verbal and Theological Topics in Western political thought

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the science of word
considered as knowhow in area of concern of Islam religion in which it
discusses about religious principle, approach and worldview based on rational
and narrative reasoning and answer to doubts that pose in this area; in Christianity
and in general through all monotheism religions, it could be possible to use
this method for religious reasoning, it could be say that science word and in
particular, word of Christianity has been generated in confronting with
spiteful people, enemies and Sophist in area of religion, by administrators of
religion (Priest and ministers and etc….); questions such as, prove of God
existence, original sin, matter of descending, rule of grace, return that will
be discussed in this theoretical course. Researchers in science of word has
been known as petitioner, in Christian works, it could be mentioned that the
most reputable and highlighted petitioners are holy Agustin, Aquinas, Luther
and Calvin. Present research has been conducted using library and text oriented
hermeneutic and time limitations impacted to this method. In Agustin’s
interpretation, it could be observed that, the human after descending stage, in
which natural desires of human plays role as main leader of individuals and the
only grace could survive human from falling through a slope he is falling from,
but in contrast in Aquinas interpretation, after descending of human, his
wisdom has been remained as his leader and could lead him to his final destiny,
that is generation a regular society to reach salvation.