The Role of Using Internet by Students in Political Participation. (Case study: Islamic Azad University Students in Kerman 88- 89)

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21th century has been named as Participation century. Therefore, the future complicated world will request in empowering the people and their active Participation in all arena. According to this fact, the world will be able to pass the future complications just via the Participation of Active people. Among then, the Participation expansion in passing societies, which had less activities in Participation arena, because of political and historical reasons, is unavoidable.
By the aim of deeper recognition from the Participation, different categorizations have been presented which among the we can point to economic, political, cultural and social Participation. If we know the political Participation as a political manner, we can use the political Participation as a behavioral meaning, which can effect on governmental results. The Participation is as an inevitable necessity of social life and is including two elements: 1- The cooperator 2- Participation subject (the subject and arena, which the person cooperates).
The connection factor of these two elements, are motivation and the aim, which encourage the cooperator to attend in an arena. In another word, the motivations are the reasons to cooperate the persons and in another hand, we should know the Participation based on aim or aims, which their nonexistence cons, remove the Participation.


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