Power, knowledge and legitimacy in the political thought of Imam Mohammad Ghazali

Document Type : Original Article


Investigation and thinking on concepts such as knowledge, power and legitimacy is considered one of the most important subjects in this study.Till now, the concepts of knowledge and power by using Foucault's discourse on Ghazali political thought, have not studied by researchers And this is may be one of the innovations of this research. Of course, in this article we will act descriptive – analytical method and using Foucault's discourse concepts. So, Due to the position of each of these concepts in Islamic thought, Assessment the position of power, knowledge and legitimacy in the Ghazali political thought will be analyzed. The results that obtained during this study, investigate the position of knowledge, power and legitimacy in the political structure of Ghazali government. In Ghazali political thought, the concept of knowledge have the superior position in structure and form of his government and in this structure, Knowledge is in the service of the government and power; That this claim within the Ghazali intellectual framework observed for defining Esteslahy policy, But since Ghazali knows the greatness of caliph as a factor for the homage, formation and survival of the government and believes A special place for the ruler and king for community administration, In practice, says the primacy of power over knowledge so, getting out the legitimacy of power.


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