Ukraine crisis: Trends and Perspectives

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crisis in Ukraine has become a tragedy, as is evidenced by the thousands of
people who have been killed, and hundreds of thousands of refugees. It will
alter the future of Ukraine, Europe, Eurasia and possibly the world. The crisis
began in the fall of 2013 as a public response to the authorities’ ill-advised
policy and the greed of the elite. However, clumsy assistance provided by
concerned «partners» turned the crisis into a coup, a power grab and subsequent
chaos, which quickly spread across Ukraine, one of Europe’s largest countries.
Months later, Ukraine is still fighting a bloody civil war and humanitarian
catastrophe amid an increasingly destructive economic crisis. However, few have
looked at what came to be called the ‘Ukraine crisis’ from the point of view
of  Russo-Ukrainian relations, and
grasped the perspectives of various groups involved, as well as the discursive
processes that have contributed to the developments in and interpretations of
the conflict.


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