A Comparative Study of the Metaphysical Basis of Ancient Iran-China Political Approach

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Considering the cosmology with mythological form of consciousness era as the
primary base of metaphysical form and the basis of development toward an integrated
cosmology, political ideas has been placed in an organic link with a metaphysical system in the ancient Persians as well as Chinese political thought. Based on considerable similarities among cosmological systems in civilizations e.g. the Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, and Persian nations a comparison of the metaphysical base of the ancient civilizations’ political ideas could be an interesting subject in the field of political thought. This article has a brief comparative glance at the metaphysical basis of the political thought in the Persian as well as Chinese cosmology. The research questions include:
1- In the two ancient civilizations – Persia and China – how was political thought related to their metaphysical bases. And;
2- In comparison, how could the relation conceptualized?
This study enables us to understand the nature of political thought in the first days of human civilization.


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