Political Identity of Dagestanis

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This article  studyies Political Identity of Dagestani people in the North Caucasus. At the first, I have defined a true theory of political identity, which is compatible with Dagestanis. This theory defines political identity in two aspects: grounded aspect, which is geography and history, and the social-environmental aspect, which includes culture (especially religion, costumes and ethnicity), modernity and economics. I have discussed any of these factors on Dagestan republic. Then I have seen Dagestani political identity as non-modern, costumed (under “Adet”s) and ethnics. I have used other studies which worked on the political sociology of Dagestanis, interviewed with the people who worked with Dagestanis (especially Iranian diplomats, scholars and university professors) and Russian and Dagestani online data (magazines, itinerary…).