China’s Energy Strategy on the Middle East

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China is a vast and overpopulated country in the eastern Asia whose energy security and supply is the most important factor of economic growth and consequently, economic, social and political security. By the past decades, its leaders have understood the key role of economic growth and development in the economic and political security of china. Thus, they have put all their concentration on this issue. As a result, the economic growth rate of china has amounted to 10 percent, becoming the foremost element of political and social stability of china. On the other hand, maintaining this high growth rate depends on the energy security and any disturbance in energy field not only stops the economic growth but also makes the ground for the economic, political and social crisis. As a result, maintaining the energy security is of the importance in strategic goals and foreign policy priorities of the state. Thus, the statesmen tries to prioritize certain policies in domestic and foreign realm in order to increase the energy security namely; diversification of fuel sources, focusing on the domestic products, concentrating on efficiency, establishing  strategic reservoirs and investing in oil-owned countries. The aim of this article is evaluating the realization of these policies.