Environmental Security: Regional Cooperation, Development and Armed Conflict in the Persian Gulf

Document Type : Original Article


This article presents the key insights about the environment and security links in the context of the Persian Gulf region. This research paper focuses on the challenge of finding a balance among development, armed conflicts and environmental degradation in the Persian Gulf region. Environmental security challenges are human security, sustainable development and regional cooperation in the Persian Gulf. As such, analysis of environmental security needs to focus more on different levels and discussed the human security and sustainable development based on their aspects in common and also investigated the cooperation opportunities in the Persian Gulf in the orientation of environmental security fulfillment. The methodologies of the study are: A historical interpretation, critical studies, casus belli, environmental political approach and content analysis. Consequently, by a closer look, it is clear that both paradigms discuss similar issues. Remarkable similarities such as environmental security are seen between them that emphasize on common policies, economy, society, and environment. Continuing environmental degradation requires long-term regional cooperation that addresses the problems of rapid development, armed conflict, unsustainable development and rising demand for energy and other resources. Regional cooperation on environment is a chance for the regional countries in the Persian Gulf for a convergence to prevent armed conflicts and pay more attention to the sustainable development and human security instead.