The Effects of the New Cold War on the Process Of Globalization

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Emergence of new geopolitical affairs in the important and sensitive places of the world, like the Middle East, Balkan, Central Asia (Caucasus zone) and… has caused emergence of a new trend of so called cold war with variables like the expansion of NATO to the East, the U.S. missile Defense shield, Georgia’s events, the prevalent problems of the Middle East, those of Pakistan and Afghanistan, or in a sense meaningful political conflicts, all of which might affect the previous dominant discussion, i.e. globalization and help spread the Nationalistic inclinations.  Existence of such conditions and following it, its local and international effects might stop the trend of globalization, to some extent, and empower the national criteria of the governments.  The present essay is a descriptive and analytical one and is based on the analysis of the present information to explore the realities of the so called New Cold War and predict it’s Geopolitical and political outcomes in other countries involved in the issue and, finally indentify the position of countries in this challenge.