The Issue of Woman in Ghasem Amin’s Political Thought

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Ghasem Amin is known as a harbinger of women’s social and cultural rights in the world of Arabs. Primarily, he centered his ideas on three axes: a; women’s education to the primary level, B; necessity of women’s free will and decision making in issues like marriage, c; religious veil (covering all the body except the face and the two palms); although the outcomes of his ideas require more discussion and deliberation. He considered the problem as the ignorance that attacked women more than it attacked men. Amin believed that the solution to this problem lies in education.  For him, education is the development of instinctive power of human being, and that the education can be applied by the individual himself, and this self training makes miracles, because it relates human beings to civility. This civility upholds the position of human beings through education and changes him/her to the supreme creature.