Councils and Counseling Systems

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The Counseling System is the one of the basis on which all social and political affairs are presented and investigated through public and political consultation in the form of discussions and free conversations. In the Counseling system, it is the public wisdom and agreement that leads to the selection and determination of rulers, social and political constructs and institutions, codifying and approving of laws, binding terms and conditions and in this way, society and government are administered in democratic ways.  In the Counseling system, even after determination and selection of rulers, after formulating the rules and bylaws, majority of the members of society (including rulers and subjects) participate in decision makings that are beneficial to the members’, individual and group, interests, directly and indirectly, with giving and receiving consultations.  Councils and the system of Counseling as a pattern for political life possess two characteristics of Necessity and Legitimacy, and is considered a mechanism for executing duties and the right of political cooperation.