The Place of Family in the Political Socialization; A Case Study in Bushehr Universities

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According to sociologists, socialization is defined as coordination of an individual with social values, norms and insights. Political socialization is one of the fundamental and important concepts in the social science, today. Political socialization is a process through which an individual gets acquainted with his responsibilities, rights and political roles in the society. During this process the political culture of the society transfers from one generation to the next or from one institution to different social groups. The institutions of political socialization, provide both continuation of the political life and its value system, and cause political, social and traditional culture establishments. The purpose of this study is to survey the place of family in political socialization of the university students in Bushehr.  Population of this study includes all the university students of Bushehr from among whom 150 participants are chosen using systematic random sampling. The results of the study show that family as an institution plays an important role in the political socialization of the students.