Machiavelli and the Foundation of the Modern Political Thought

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The present article intends to start introduction to the political thinking of          Machiavelli by passing through some key concepts in his thinking, and by placing his idea in the area of political thinking. Surveying ethics in Machiavelli’s political thinking needs     separate individual ethics from political (civil) one.  And explaining Machiavelli’s remarks about the category of ethics requires it to be evaluated from the ethical dimension. Common expedience (interest) as one of the most basic concepts in Modern political thought tried to empower its theoretical bases with the help of Niccolo Machiavelli, and made its absence in the political thinking absolutely unjustifiable. Power in the thought of Machiavelli in         proportion with the type of political systems have been explainable, and its actualization has been needs to make distinction between this concept and Factualism (Superficialism).  Realism, not in the sense of following the events, but creating them, and Factualism          (Superficialism) is an attempt to reflect against changes, without understanding their internal reasons.bound to its contemporary definition and redefinition, following the changes in political time and space conditions, and finally, surveying the Realism in Machiavelli’s political    thinking