The Iranian Communists and The Soviet Union

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Iran's relation with one of the largest countries, that is, Russia (The Soviet Union) has under gone many changes. One of the brilliant examples of the changing policies of Russia towards Iran is, no doubt, the years 1941 to 1953. In this period, most of graceful communist parties' rise and fall is making relations between Iran and Russia. Tudeh party, Ferghe Democrate Azerbaijan and Ferghe Democrate Kurdestan are some of the communist movements in Iran which are noticeable and researchable.  However, this essay tries to answer the following questions: 1. was not the Soviet Union policy towards Iran neo-colonialist? 2. To what extent were the relations between Iran and the Soviet Union adjusted in accordance with the communist ideology? 3. were the communist parties of Iran in harmony with the needs of Iranian peasants, workers, or were they the chief protectors of soviet interests? It is remind able that in Iran there have been several powerful levels such as a: Army, b: Majlis, c: Royal Court, d: Political parties, e: People and religious Leaders and f: Foreign Embassies. These levels, sometimes in group of two, Three or more and sometimes in loneliness effected the political Social –Economical, religion, militarily and culturally lives of Iran. In the era of 1949-1953 this is the role of Russian Embassy which brought about many changes.


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