The Importance of Trading in the Establishment and Development of the International Relations

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Political Science, South Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Many researchers and authorities in the field of international relations agree on the issue that one of the factors to make relations between and among governments in through traders and exchanging goods among people of different lands, and as human societies develop in different fields, the economic affair and trades of these countries expand and develop, as well.  Thus, they, in turn, have had valuable roles in making peaceful economic relations between states. Although international trade makes interactive motivation among partners, it increases the diversity and increased quality of goods possible, and leads to technological developments and increase in job opportunities in societies, if there is not a suitable planning in the section of trade (i.e., importing exceeds exporting) it can stagnate the industries of a country and cause workers lose their jobs, and endangers the identity and national culture of the country.  That is why international trade and its instinctive identity (nature) is a power to function in both sides of making cooperation and at the same time making disputes between countries (where there is competition and exclusiveness).  Thus, the issue of trading is a one of the key concepts in the world system, and its role in the international trade deserves consideration. Exporting will become meaningful when the necessary grounds are prepared for the trade, i.e. its interaction and good relations with other countries.  Making relations is also justified through presence in the international organizations, and this is actually the first and the most positive step taken for achieving the exporting ideals.


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